This Gas Station Might Serve the Biggest, Baddest Sandwich in Dallas

A Cuban sandwich is one thing. A torta Cubana, though, is on a whole ‘nother level.

Popularized in the markets and streets of Mexico City, the torta Cubana deviates from the famed formula of ham, cheese and pickles.

Abriendo Puertas: Martin Ramirez

Due to his disability, he had to emigrate from Mexico where he was not given the opportunity and came to the US to achieve success. Now he owns a gas station and a torteria.

Gas Station Tacos: El Rincon del D.F. on Walnut Hill in Dallas —Side Dish Blog

Taqueria El Rincon del D.F. located at the Gasco station on Walnut Hill just west of Harry Hines gets top billing over the gas prices. There are all kinds of promotional advertising letting you know you have arrived at a taqueria. There is the logo of the Mexican restaurant over the gas station’s service bay, the restaurant’s name and tagline are in big letters across the mini-mart, and there is promotional advertising on the windows. Inside you’ll find 14 tables with 48 chairs that dominate two-thirds of the mini-mart space …

Tortas El Rincon del DF —Reviews

Well let me be the first to say DAYUM! these tortas are the shiznit!! I passed it twice cuz I couldnt find it but its in a small corner inside a gas station. Anyways, these tortas are massive and filling so dont be fooled by their prices because its like your paying for two. Im not a light eater and i got full with half. They have a variety of tortas and I ordered the Duranguense which is chicken and ham …

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